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We value people’s need for a creative process along their faith journey


Coaching for Individuals

The benefits of coaching for an individual is dependent on the individuals involved. The overwhelming feedback is that coaching positively impacted lives, relationships, and careers in the following ways:

1) The establishment and setting of action steps towards achieving goals

2) Becoming more self-reliant

3) Gaining more life and work satisfaction

4) Contributing more dynamically with to a team and organisation

5) Taking intentional responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

6) Working more constructively and productively with all others in the work environment

7) Communicating more effectively

Coaching for Organisations

We offer coaching for clergy, pastors, and key lay people on this missional journey. There are several benefits to getting coaching:

1) Empowering individuals and encourages to take responsibility

2) Increasing employee and staff partnerships and encounter

3) Improving individual performance

4) Assists to identify and develop high potential employees

5) Assists to identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities

6) Assists to motivate and empower individuals to flourish

We have a set of trained coaches in The COACH Model®