We Value People’s Need For Authentic Community In The Fellowship Of The Spirit


We hold to the belief that life-change and discipleship happens best through small groups. We offer seminars to show the benefits of small groups, the Biblical models of groups, the way in which people are assimilated into groups, how people grow within groups, as well as how groups multiply.

How people connect to small groups:

Belonging is key to a person’s well-bing and maturity. If people feel safe, they can be open to growth and social interaction. We offer faith communities – an approach to welcoming and assimilating people into a small community.

The purpose and process are to connect people with others for cultivating healthy relationships, for spiritual formation and meaningful care.

We love de-churched and unchurched people as they also need Christ’s wholeness

No Leader. No Prep. No Stress

CoffeeChatConnect rediscovers meaningful connections with your friends in a very powerful and simplistic way. Use our pre-planned-easy-to-follow material to connect with friends around the bible in new and exciting ways. Simply, let the CoffeeChat guide your group’s discussion. It’s super easy yet powerful.

CCC creates interpersonal connections in an increasingly disconnecting world. We have seen people start groups in bars, hotels, retirement homes, regular homes, schools, workplaces, etc. on a global scale. You’ll be amazed to see what God does in, and through, the CCC groups. Use this well-designed-pre-planned-easy-to-use CoffeeChatConnect material.