We value people’s need for authentic community in the fellowship of the Spirit


Evangelism Strategies

We hold to the belief that sharing our faith in Jesus Christ is an authentic expression of our life in relationship with God. It is built on healthy and authentic relationships. Faith-sharing is a natural flow of God's love through us for all people and cultivated in real relationships. We offer a journey in knowing how to share your faith story, how to listen to people's stories and then how to share yours.

Cultivating Authentic Gospel relationships

There is a need for deep and meaningful relationships today, and those that are built on meaningful and life-giving values. How do we cultivate these? We host regular Fresh Connect small groups for de-churched people who need a safe place to growth their faith and walk with God in the rich and raw experience of life. We learn there what it means to live in and develop healthy Gospel relationships. Let us know if this connects with you and we can connect you with such a group.

Disciple-making relationships

The greatest challenge and call: make disciples. We know that. But how? The cry from many leaders is that they can preach about it, but they do not know how to do it! The material and discussions we offer works through the heart of discipleship and disciple-making and offers the culture that is needed to assist people into making disciples who make other disciples. Contact us and we can set up a time to do this with you.

Personal Evangelism

If you wish for an experience of God in your everyday, and now in Jesus, we can assist you in that space. We offer a time each year to work through what that means and looks like in today’s world and we do this online. We hold to the the belief that evangelism needs to be revisited on a digital age. We highly recommend the Alpha Course. Go to https://southafrica.alpha.org/tryalpha where you can see how to attend a group, and even run a course as a faith community.

 We hold to the concept that the local missional community (church) is the hope of the world. Such a community sees the world  as the context for God’s love and mission and calls for our full involvement.

If people who have only one agenda and that is God’s Kingdom and glory, we can change the world. It is the whole and healthy church taking the whole Gospel (the good news as good news) to the whole person (body, mind, spirit, soul) in the whole world (every ethnicity or sub-culture).


We have seen the use of many different forms of evangelism through the years, and Alpha has been used as a means for growing churches and we highly recommend this ministry to you. 

We can offer to assist you in making this possible and taking this further to a way of being in ministry to the unchurched and those far from God. We believe that evangelism is not about attending a course, but cultivating authentic relationships where people can come into an experience of Jesus Christ as their Friend and Leader. 

We offer ways in which such relationships can be cultivated, where it is natural and intentional to share the Gospel message and invite people to their own relationship with God. 

Association with Fresh Africa

We are proudly associated with Fresh Africa. 

Who sees diverse Christ-following congregations rediscovering God’s mission and developing mission-shaped communities that transform their world through Fresh Expressions of Church.

“A form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church.” Steven Croft