We Love People Because They Matter To God, Our Father


Christopher is available to preach any Sunday on request. The focus of his preaching is always positive and encouraging for the faith communities as he equips people for offering good news and being instruments of God’s mission. 

We can also run a series over a few Sundays to assist a congregation make steps towards being more evangelistic and missional. 


We recommend the online Alpha Marriage course which couples do as ‘a date’ as a couple, and with online input from skilled facilitators.

Go to https://themarriagecourse.org/  For a local and in-person experience in Gauteng, we have partnered with a local Pastor in Johannesburg who offers Marriage Prep Seminars on Saturdays at Oakfield’s Farm in Mulders Drift. Similar partnerships can be formed with a wider network across the Continent and world. Contact us for more information on these. 


You can also see a tutorial on how to run the marriage course online: Go to https://youtu.be/_NJpbxa0Mg0 .


Looking for a meaningful marriage ceremony that suites you? As a Marriage Officer, Christopher meets with the couple to find out who they are and what they are looking for. 

We then assist with a unique service that reflects who they are in the covenant of marriage, at an agreed and suitable venue, and this is done with a sense of humour!


Could you benefit from a small group, made up of parents, sharing around ideas for parenting that is life-giving for both parents and their children? We hold to the belief that all parents can benefit from sharing stories and learning together about parenting. From time to time we run an online group experience using the Parenting materials, where one is for parents of toddlers and the other for parents of teenagers.

Go to https://themarriagecourse.org/run/the-parenting-courses and see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY8thZ_W2gY  to find out what these resources are.


Baptism is the sign of belonging. We also offer a Dedication to Christian Parenting ceremony where we pray for the parents in their role in raising children within the Christian faith.

  • We offer Baptisms by attaching people to their local faith community and offering a service in an accepted space and format. 
  • We offer Dedication to Christian Parenting for anyone who seeks to form their home and family around Jesus, the Resurrected one.